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Wednesday, 02 March 2011 06:12



*We are currently on a slow Earth journey until 2014

Please follow links to our Slow Mother Blog for more information

* slowsmallsimple interviews Helena Norberg-Hodge (world leader of the localisation movement) re. the Trans Pacific Partnership  

* Anja's Slow Mother Blog

slowsmallsimple - helping people and helping the planet - without costing the Earth


slowsmallsimple's founder and director, Anja Light (www.anjalight.org), is a Mother, singer and activist that has led environmental campaigns and projects all over the world for over 20 years. She is convinced that the most effective solution to the global environment and economic crisis is a profound shift in our culture from 'more, bigger, faster' to 'less, smaller, slower' - and that it shouldn't cost alot, but will save household's money while providing a better quality of life. See how it can be done as she converts a shed with recycled materials, solar panels and compost toilet on a bare bones budget. Her income reflects her minimal needs, with all profits from slowsmallsimple supporting forest and sustainable lifestyle campaigns and projects.



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